Welcome to A Trivial Knot!  My name is Siggy, and you should use he/him pronouns.

A trivial knot, the mathematical concept, is a loop that can be unknotted without cutting the loop.

A Trivial Knot, the blog, is a vehicle for intellectual pursuits.  I started out blogging as a way of participating in the skeptical and atheist movements, but my interests wandered elsewhere.  I’m interested in social criticism, especially from queer and feminist perspectives.  I have a fondness for math.  I dabble in art and philosophy.  See my topics page [currently under construction] for a more comprehensive outline.

I am a grad student studying condensed matter physics in the US.  I’m ace, more specifically gay gray-A.  I sometimes talk about that, but I’m mostly interested in saying things that are new, so see my asexuality 101 page for all your 101 needs.  I have one of those long-term monogamous romantic relationships that you’ve heard so much about, with my boyfriend who is a robot.  I have a love-hate relationship with all that is joyful, inspiring, or beautiful.

Historical Note

From 2007 to 2015 I blogged at Skeptic’s Play, then I moved here.  Since 2012, I’ve run The Asexual Agenda, a group blog by aces for aces.

I also have a Tumblr somewhere, and if you can find it you will be richly rewarded with walls of nonsense.  For a better scavenger hunt, I suggest inspecting the footer alt-text.