Origami: Truncated Octahedron

IMG_0804 (small)Truncated Octahedron, by Tomoko Fuse

Time for some Archimedean solids!

A truncated octahedron is basically an octahedron with all six of its corners cut off.  The result is a solid that has 6 square faces, and 8 hexagonal faces.  If you’re looking at the above photo, you might be thinking, “I don’t see hexagons, I only see triangles!”  That’s because the hexagons here are multicolored dark green and light green.

As you might have guessed, I did not actually start with an octahedron and cut the corners off.  Instead, I started with another Archimedean solid, the cuboctahedron.

IMG_0801 (small)Cuboctahedron, also by Tomoko Fuse

This cuboctahedron is actually identical to another one I made a while ago.  Anyway, once I have a cuboctahedron, Tomoko Fuse suggests adding augments, turning it into a truncated octahedron.  You can add yet more augments, turning it into a plain old octahedron.

I’m crediting Tomoko Fuse, but to be honest I think I made a test unit and thought, “Why’s it so complicated?  What’s with all these extra steps?”  And then I made different augments, but they’re functionally equivalent.

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