Origami: Ray Cube and workshop

IMG_0821 (small)Ray Cube, by Meenakshi Mukerji

This month, I held another origami workshop for kids, and this is the model we made.

I have a tendency to like challenges, and anything so simple as the Ray Cube wouldn’t be worth making.  But teaching it to kids makes me appreciate the simplicity.  When you make your first origami model, a cube never seems “too simple” or “too boring”, it’s exciting.  I have to remind myself that my first modular origami model was a cube too.

The Ray Cube  has a lot going for it as a first model to make.  The cube geometry is very easy for most people to understand.  The pockets and tabs are easy enough to find.  Perhaps more importantly, there aren’t many parts that could be mistaken for pockets and tabs, which was a problem I had in my previous workshop when we made the Sonobe Cube.

Another improvement this year was use of origami videos that I prepared.  Folding origami  midair is too awkward.  Lessons learned from last year.

I’d love to share photos, but there are obviously privacy issues with the kids.  Here’s a picture with just me.

Origami Workshop (60) (small)

But of course, I still fold paper midair like a fool.

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