A change of setting

Welcome to my new blog, A Trivial Knot!

The story of the blog title

When I come up with names for things, I tend to reach for mathematical concepts first, and that’s what happened here.  A trivial knot refers to a loop that can be unknotted without cutting the loop.  This is in contrast to nontrivial knots, such as the trefoil knot:

TrefoilKnot-02Trefoils are henceforth banned on this blog

In general, it can be difficult to distinguish a trivial knot from a nontrivial one, because a trivial knot can get quite tangled.  The title is a metaphor for issues that appear quite complicated at first, but become simple after disentangling them.  Or do they?

I also appreciate the inherent wordplay.

The story of the blog

I blogged for eight years at Skeptic’s Play, but I finally left due to dissatisfaction with Blogspot.  But the change in setting allows for a change in focus.

It was about one year into blogging that I found out that I wasn’t really cut out for real skeptical blogging–you know, debunking pseudoscience and stuff like that.  That was fine since I still had the passion for skeptical ideas.  But in later years I became dissatisfied with the organized skeptical movement, and I just gradually lost interest.

I don’t expect any immediate or drastic changes!  But I know from eight years of blogging experience that interests wander over time.  Perhaps the old blog title was the only thing keeping me chained.  Perhaps years down the road, perhaps sooner, I’ll go to places that were not possible at my old blog.

Site design

I do not have complete control over the site design, but did design the images in the title, footer, and sidebars, all inspired by the idea of a trivial knot.  There is a puzzle embedded in the title banner, and I’ll let you figure out what it is.  This isn’t much of a reward, but if you e-mail me a solution, I’ll give you a copy of the banner minus the title.

One thought on “A change of setting

  1. Trav Mamone October 3, 2015 / 5:31 pm

    Yeah, but trefoil cookies are delicious!

    (Sorry, couldn’t help it.)


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